About Margot Stewart

Margot Stewart, Marketing Manager

Margot is currently the Marketing Manager at Elite Pacific Properties. As part of this role, she manages a remote department comprised of team members in six different time zones. She directs public relations and social media strategy for both the brokerage and vacation rental divisions of Elite. She has an innate ability to create order out of chaos, cultivated from years of project management and marketing communications consulting work. Having dipped her toe in many fields, she has experience in a variety of fields ranging from copywriting to brand accelerating to social media strategy and business development. She prides herself on her team building and it shows in her impressive management of an entirely remote department.

In addition to her varied and extensive professional experience, Margot is a huge football fan. She loves to travel and always has a valid passport for that reason. She genuinely believes lip gloss is important. Margot chooses dogs over cats and actively dislikes cheesecake. Her favorite place to drink a cappuccino is a sidewalk cafe overlooking Lake Lugano, despite that she actually loves Taco Bell. Margot is semi-famous for her banana bread recipe.

She has been an invaluable addition to Elite's marketing team. The breadth of experience that she brings with her has advanced Elite's marketing strategy, effecting Elite's many agents and clients.