World Renowned Success Mentor Darren Hardy Shares Top Tips With Realtors

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Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success Magazine and New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect and The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, recently made an unprecedented full day custom  presentation to a crowd of 350, including over 150 Elite Pacific Properties real estate agents.  Orchestrated by Paul Mayer, Managing Partner of Elite Pacific Properties, the purpose was to share not only very insightful business strategies and techniques, but also proven personal growth tips.

After interviewing and spending time with incredible achievers such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and countless more, Hardy has curated some of the best ideas, insights and strategies from many of most successful people of our lifetime. He teaches that even the smallest daily decisions people make shape their future for better or worse. In the opening speech, Hardy outlined the operating system that he believes underlies all significant achievement and delivered a complete action plan to enable audience members to start executing immediately.

Some of the takeaways shared by those who attended included:

  • Stop looking for the quick fix to success, happiness and wealth.  Success is earned  one day at a time – one call at a time – one meeting at a time.
  • What do successful and unsuccessful people have in common? – Both hate to do certain stuff but successful people do it anyway.
  • Knowledge is not power.  What matters is what you do with what you know.
  • What is the one thing that determines how you end up?  It all comes down to choices – small, seemingly insignificant, moment to moment choices.

He also talked about being disciplined about what you do and  holding yourself accountable. For example, as a former very successful Realtor himself, Hardy said that all Realtors know the top 3 things they should consistently be doing, which are:  Pitching a Listing, Negotiating a Contract and Prospecting.  As a Realtor. he thought he was successfully addressing these each day but when  he actually tracked his time he found he was only spending minutes throughout the day engaged in these practices.  Once he started a weekly consistent rhythm of tracking and measuring each of these steps, he began spending more time on these income-producing activities, and his sales exploded.

“For years, I have encouraged all of the agents and support staff in our organization to listen to, read and implement the success strategies of Darren Hardy,” said Mayer. “While recently attending his High Performance Forum, I was so impressed I became determined to find a way that we could all benefit from learning his powerful strategies live and in person.  When I learned that he could be engaged for 90 minute keynote speeches, I proposed this unique, full-day Workshop event instead.  It took some work to convince him to create a full day program delivering content that he had never before shared outside of his $10,000/person High Performance Forum, but eventually he agreed to do it.

At Elite, we are always looking for the best technology, best resources and best service practices to provide to our agents for them to use to serve our clients and become more successful, and the information that Darren presented was priceless. Once I was able to confirm the Workshop, I had to share it not only with the Elite team but also with other members of the public (including some other Realtors).  The event was a huge success, and those who attended have already been getting the benefits of implementing Darren’s strategies and techniques.”

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