Taking Initiative And Creating A Memorable Impact Worldwide

Posted Tuesday, March 7, 2017 by Cory Dorazio

When Greg Burns decided to approach NBC and pitch an idea he had been contemplating for a while, he had no idea that a major television network would grab onto his idea and create an international mini program that would air multiple times around the globe.

“When the Golf Channel covers the opening of the PGA season in Maui each year they also highlight the beauty of the island as a dream destination” says Greg.  “It made perfect sense to me for them to also highlight what it might mean to own a second home on the island or to move to Maui.  As a result, I talked to them about highlighting some of the amazing real estate that can be found on Maui.  After pursuing NBC with this idea, they finally agreed to test it out and loved the response they received.”

For the past three years, Greg has been featured throughout the globe on the Golf Channel showcasing some of his listings during the tournament.

His persistence has paid off and his creativity does not stop there as seen in the enclosed spot.

His message to all agents is to not let anything stop you from pursuing your vision in every way and offer something special and unique to make yourself stand out from the crowds.

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