Moving To Hawaii Will Change Your Life

Posted Sunday, November 12, 2017 by Brittany Anderson

For some, the move to Hawaii happens suddenly on a whim with just a backpack and a guitar. Though for most, it is a calculated move with careful planning. Regardless of whether you fly by the seat of your pants, carefully plan, or the combination of the two (who hasn’t left some things up to chance?) moving to Hawaii will change your life. It isn’t all Mai Tai’s and surfing; we still have jobs, mortgages, and groceries to buy. But, there’s just a little something spectacular in the way of life here. There is, after all, an active volcano in Hawaii!

Move to Hawaii

Finding the right place to call home is important for a successful move to Hawaii. For the five years leading up to our move, we rented vacation rentals in different locations to test where we liked best. Here is a great resource for vacation rentals in Hawaii. Get a feel for the area, test commute times, or see what resources are in the area you want to call home before you commit to buying a house.

Jobs in Hawaii

Job offers are made during a surf session, working out at the gym, or at the farmer’s market. Talking with people and networking are the best ways to find employment in Hawaii. Don’t be afraid to learn a new skill or do something different! Before you quit your job and move to Hawaii, talk about working remotely. There are plenty of jobs from healthcare to customer service that can be done in an office or virtually. Then again, you could always retire and spend your golden years in the golden sun. Retire like a 20-something in these 10 Hawaiian towns.

Start a small business

Hawaii is the final frontier, when it comes to starting your own business. Each year the East Meets West conference is held in Honolulu for investors in the Asia Pacific market to meet and invest in Hawaii startups. Beyond the small but active tech scene pop-up restaurants, food trucks, clothing lines, breweries, and butcher shops find their niche across the Hawaiian Islands.

Land in Hawaii

Hawaii agriculture properties are widespread from half an acre to hundreds of acres. The Big Island is known for its farmlands and agricultural communities. You can also find agricultural land for sale on Maui, Kauai land zoned for agriculture, and even Oahu properties for sale. Become a gentleman farmer or live off the land– anything is possible in Hawaii!


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