Choosing a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Posted Tuesday, December 5, 2017 by Brittany Anderson

The basics for finding a real estate agent isn’t that difficult, but how does the luxury home buyer and seller find the best agent to work with? Luxury home transactions pose their own unique challenges with millions at stake, it is essential you choose an agent that is well versed in the Hawaii luxury home market.

Review the Agent’s Website- Whether you are buying or selling, look for an agent that has listings in your price range and area. Review recent sales and current listings to help narrow down which agent meets your specific needs. Search our agents here!

Respected in the Industry- There are a lot of agents out there. Seek out an agent and brokerage firm that is well respected in the Hawaii luxury real estate industry. Award winning agents and top-level firms get the best deals for their clients. Elite Pacific Properties just had two agents recognized for their outstanding work on the Big Island.

Interview Agents- Once you’ve found a few agents that work within your price range and location, conduct interviews to see who you like best. Working with someone you trust, feel comfortable around, and can be honest with makes a huge difference. For buyers, agents are your eyes and ears, looking for properties that suit your needs­– it is critical you find an agent who recognizes your taste in properties.

Marketing your Hawaii Luxury Real Estate- Sellers, make sure you review how your property will be marketed. There are real estate brokerages and agents that do more than others. Some agents, like those with Elite Pacific Properties, have marketing teams dedicated to creating marketing materials and social media buzz. Other agents have to generate materials all by themselves. Even the most extraordinary properties need successful marketing plans.

A Strong Network- Both Luxury home sellers and buyers benefit from an agent with a strong network. You’ll want to work with an agent that has a history of strong sales in your price range, global reach, and a great reputation within the Hawaii luxury home industry. An agent that can network easily with other agents gives you more reach to buy or sell your Hawaii luxury home.

Luxury Vacation Rentals- Maybe you’re in an area that is hot for vacation rentals, or you need a luxury vacation rental while you search for your perfect luxury home. Not all agents or brokerage firms are familiar with the Hawaii luxury vacation rental market, or they won’t be able to refer you to a high-end rental agency. Others have luxury home sales, luxury vacation rentals, new construction projects, and property management all under one roof providing the best service for your unique needs.

Finding an agent and brokerage firm that is up to date on trends, strategies, and has a successful track record of Hawaii luxury home sales is essential, especially in the luxury home market. Elite Pacific Properties has close to 200 agents in nine offices on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island along with a 50 person support staff. The full-service real estate firm is focused on luxury residential property sales, multi-unit projects/developer sales, vacation rentals, and property management. Elite Pacific Properties expects to close $1.2 billion in sales for 2017, solidifying its status as the No. 1 volume luxury brokerage in the Hawaiian Islands.


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