Buying Agriculture Land in Hawaii

Posted Monday, March 5, 2018 by Brittany Anderson

Whether you are looking for a large parcel of agriculture zoned land for a gentleman’s farm or land to build your Hawaiian dream home, picking an agent with a background in vacant land sales is essential, but you also have to do a little planning before sitting down with an agent. Let’s go over some of the details you’ll need before buying agriculture land in Hawaii.



What Are You Going to Farm?

Agriculturally zoned property needs to be used for agriculture unless you’re willing to pay hefty taxes. Ag zoned properties pay much less in property taxes; however, you will have to fill out forms with your county tax office, draw out the property’s use, and have the property inspected by the tax department to make sure you’re actually following your drawings. But, most importantly, to find the perfect property you want to narrow down what you want to do. An experienced real estate agent can find you gorgeous acreage, but you can’t put greenhouses on rolling hills. Give your agent an idea of the intended use so they can better match you to your new property. (Insider tip: Bees are a great way to meet your Ag zoning. Each hive is worth one-acre of land. Say you have three agriculture zoned acres, the tax department would count three hives to qualify you for Ag use tax breaks. Just remember to apply at your County Tax Office.)

Agriculture parcels for sale in Oahu!

Agricultural Community or Rural Seclusion?

There are many agricultural and ranching communities throughout the Hawaiian Islands, but there’s also rural land for sale. The agricultural or ranching communities in Hawaii usually offer communal services like stables, lessons, and equipment sharing. There’s also usually homeowner's association fees, access to services like water meters and electricity to the land, and regulations as far as how many or what kind of animals can be kept within the community. When looking at a property for sale within an agriculture or ranching community, ask your real estate agent about the association’s involvement to see if it is right for you. On the flip side is rural land for sale. You can find large and small agriculture zoned parcels across the islands with varying degrees of services available. Off-grid living is not for everyone and poses its own challenges when building a home. Be sure to ask your agent about the level of services available to the land for sale. (Insider Tip: You can call the electric company, gas company, and water company to see if services are available to the lot. Just provide them with the address or TMK number.)

Agriculture land for sale in Maui!

Buy and Lease

Ready to purchase, but not quite ready to farm? Buy agriculture zoned property and lease it to a farmer or rancher until you’re ready to use it. There are ranchers looking for grazing opportunities and farmers looking to cultivate produce, but they don’t have the ability to purchase the large tracts of land they need. Check with the county tax office to determine the tax credit level for the intended use before entering into a lease with any rancher/farmer. Properties that are fenced are highly desirable as any agent with experience in raw land will tell you, but it isn’t essential if you are going to lease it out. You and your agent can request soil samples for any land you intend to cultivate – you can even have pasture forage samples tested for nutrient value. (Insider Tip: Ranchers are very willing to trade lease rent for building infrastructure – a win/win!)

Big Island organic farm for sale!

There are so many different types of agriculture zoned land for sale in Hawaii. The limit is your imagination! Ready to make your farm dreams a reality? Speak with one of our agents today!


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