Elite Pacific's Favorite Ways to Stay Active in Hawaii

Posted Thursday, September 12, 2019 by Erika Thomas

According to the Elite Pacific ohana, these are the best ways to stay active in Hawaii. Did your favorite make the list?


Hiking Koko Head while carrying my daughter on my back

"Hiking Koko Head is a great workout while enjoying beautiful ocean and mountain views. The best time to hike is between 5 and 6 PM sp you can watch the sunset. Don’t forget a headlamp for your way down in the dark. I’d recommend bringing lots of water, a towel and good shoes." - Heidi Bertucci

Photos courtesy of Heidi Bertucci


"The ocean in Hawaii is simply fabulous and there are always wave riding opportunities somewhere on the island whatever your wave riding vehicle of choice. For me, there is nothing more holistically healthy than being in the ocean and especially surfing." - Jim Muneno

Photo courtesy of Jim Muneno ("Three of my four kids and I on a wave" - Jim Muneno)

Swimming or stand up paddle boarding out to the reef with my dog

"I live in Lanikai which has a protected bay. My favorite way to stay active is to grab my dive mask and swim out to the reef which is just under a mile. Time and stress melt away as I can't answer my phone and I get to check out all the amazing fish and an occasional turtle or eel. I am also multitasking as my dog swims along side me and gets his exercise too. This is the best way to stay active and start my day." - Ruthie Kaminskas

Photo courtesy of Ruthie Kaminskas

Kayaking at various locations around Oahu

"I own two kayaks and joined The Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Kayak Club which is the longest-standing kayaking club on Oahu. This established club offers various day and off-island trips led by various experienced members. There are quite a few event options in order to include all different levels of experience. It's an easy trip out to the Kaneohe Sand Bar and beyond, to three-night Kayak trips to an outer island. We also have events surrounding Kayak fishing, Kayak surfing, and Kayak Sailing." - Caroline Parobek

Photo courtesy of Caroline Parobek

Big Island:

Hiking, walking, swimming

"We are so fortunate to be able to be outside nearly every day of the year. This is why I always take advantage of being outdoors, whether it's a walk to the grocery store or an excursion to Pololu Valley. Hawaii is always a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! And of course nothing can beat a dip in the rejuvenating ocean!" - Kirsten Moe

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Moe

Walking my dog and with friends

"I live in the small town of Waimea on the Big Island and it seems as if everyone has a dog or two. In our neighborhood, we meet each other and socialize while walking our dogs. We just run into each other and share a moment, a connection, and it continues to grow as time goes on. It is the perfect way to get exercise while also taking care of your pets and staying in touch and up to date with those around you. Sometimes you also learn of challenges that a neighbor might be going through and you find ways to help them. I guess the lesson I receive from this practice is the importance of nurturing my connection to my community while also taking care of myself and my dog!" - Rebecca Keliihoomalu


Bike Riding

"Riding a bike is a great way to stay active in Hawaii. With warm weather year-round and beautiful scenery, it's a great way to stay in shape and have fun doing it at the same time! For easy rides, I like Mud Lane in Waimea. My weekly off-road ride is Mana Road, and if you like a challenging hill climb, try Mauna Loa Road just outside Volcano National Park... a scenic 10-mile climb through Koa forests." - Kristi Cotton

Photos courtesy of Kristi Cotton


Downwind Paddling

"I love the ocean. Something about distance paddling has my heart. We downwind paddle from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha or the harbor as much as wind and wave conditions allow. To be miles out from the shore on a stand-up paddleboard and working with the elements is pure adrenalin, peace, and happiness for me." - Amber Lee

Photo courtesy of Amber Lee

Mahalo to our contributors: Amber Lee, Caroline Parobek, Heidi Bertucci, Jim Muneno, Kirsten Moe, Kristi Cotton, Rebecca Keliihoomalu, and Ruthie Kaminskas.