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Manage your property and let us market it through our extensive network. Leverage Elite Pacific's automated marketing systems built for our own properties. We'll help you craft a digital property listing and provide access to the MLS so you can promote your long-term rental to thousands of Hawaii Realtors. Other options include posting to 30+ renter focused websites, assisting with pricing strategy, and drafting and reviewing of rental agreements.


Services Pricing

You're the landlord and in full control.

We just help you market your property!


- MLS Level -


  • Assist with creating your ad
  • Photo review, selection, and cropping
  • Post your home to the MLS
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- MLS Level Plus -


  • Create customized verbiage and call to action
  • Photo review, cropping, and selection
  • Market to 30+ websites
  • Rental market survey with pricing strategy
  • Post to Craigslist 2x per week
  • Social media blasts
  • 20 color property flyers
  • Standard Rental Agreement and Addendum provided


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- MLS and Express Levels Plus -


  • Extensive criminal, credit, and employment screening
  • Professional photography with optional drone footage
  • E-blasts to other real estate agents
  • Create a single property website
  • Create Youtube slide video E-flyer campaigns
  • Draft & review Rental Agreement and Addendum
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